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Monday, November 07, 2005

Anderson Cooper : Plain Speak ?

Very much so ..

Is he still opinionated ? Yes he is.
But there is a certain freshness, a level of incisiveness in his reporting and the way he asks questions that is a huge welcome change from the usual media drama that i have got to see here.

A no frills guide to a New Year's Eve in New York.
Just say no to New Year's Eve

A painful and personal account of his brother's death and how it affects him.
My brother's suicide

I hope he doesn't get tied down by the role of a news anchor cause he is an out and out reporter and he ought to be left free, not tied down to 10 - 12 everyday in the studio.

I wouldn't see this CNN time change from 7-8 to 10-12 necessarily as a promotion, and my guess is that so wouldn't he.


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